Friday, May 22, 2015

5 (plus one!) Things I Started Doing Because of Him


1. Drinking more water

I know, this is probably the last thing that you expected to see. But it's so true! Ry is always drinking water, and definitely recognizes how important it is. He got me a hydroflask for Valentine's Day this year (side note: I don't know if you've heard of these things, but if you drink anything with any sort of temperature, you need one - yes, this means you) and since I've had one, I've been consciously paying attention to my H20 intake. And I feel better because of it.

2. Eating breakfast

I'm guilty of being one of those people who didn't recognize breakfast as being the most important meal of the day, or important at all, and frequently skipped it. Ry doesn't do this. We've had so many breakfast dates since we've been together that now I have to eat breakfast. Which is probably a good thing.

3. Understanding time zone changes

Never thought in a million years I'd remember what the differences were between all of the different parts of the world. Ever. And while I obviously don't know them all, America's time zones are in my mind forever. Converting those for flight time is still ridiculous though.

4. Trying new things

Full disclaimer, there are some things I still after all this time still refuse to try. Spam? No. But, I've tried a lot of different foods I never would've picked out on my own. Some I hated. Okay, most I really didn't like. But a lot of them were actually really good!

5. Learning new words

In any other situation I probably wouldn't notice how someone spoke differently than me, but now I do. Flip flops and slippers/slippahs are apparently the same thing, futons can be pronounced as futon (correctly) or fu-TONE (still don't understand this one...) buffets can also apparently be called BOO-fays (seriously, what?) and just so many other things. The first time I heard him say shoots to a friend I thought he was asking me if I was wearing shoes. Embarrasing.

& probably the most important - recognizing the little things

Ry does things for people just because they need to be done, and he knows he's capable of doing it. I can't even think of specific examples because there are so many, but I really admire how willing he is to help. And, as a result, I've started trying to pay attention to things that I can do without being asked, most everywhere I go.
How have the relationships of your life affected your habits? Have you changed at all? Have those around you?

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  1. I feel like you said in a post before that he's from Hawaii, right? My school in Tacoma, WA had a LOT of Hawaiians. Anyway, one time a couple of them said that "Mary, merry, and marry" all sound different! My friend and I were like...uh, no. So we would just say one and have them guess which one we were saying...and they got it right multiple times! How?! They sound EXACTLY THE SAME.

    1. Yeah he is! We have a lot at our school, too. I'll have to ask him about that "Mary, merry, marry" thing! New things come up all the time, I swear. Sometimes he'll be talking about something and I have NO idea what it is, until I realize I call it something completely different.