Monday, April 27, 2015

Who says Mondays have to be bad?

Dollar Store Teacher Haul    

My Mondays typically aren't that bad, I don't have classes and just have a staff meeting at night. But today I was struggling to get up, so I decided to sleep in before heading to the Dollar Store. Now, the Dollar Store might not appeal to some people, but those people are wrong.

Only slightly kidding.

Their classroom section makes my future teacher heart so. happy. I spent a great deal of time there this morning and debated buying everything before I left with the following supplies.

I've always known that I want to have a lot of classroom materials before I actually get a classroom, because when I get to that point in life I'll (hopefully) be freshly graduated and know I won't have much money, not that I have tons now.

So, I've decided to stock up when the opportunities present themselves. And they did.

The Dollar Store has lots of educational posters, separated by grade level PreK-K, 1st-3rd, and 4th-6th. Ideally, I'll be a 1st-3rd teacher so I picked four two-poster packs from that grade level (here they are below!) At first, I hadn't planned on purchasing any because I don't know what grade level I'll be at, but then I decided that for FOUR DOLLARS for eight posters, I could manage. And I love them! For being fifty cents a poster they're so bright and colorful.

Parts of the Flower and Nouns

Beginning Digraphs and Punctuation Marks
Adjectives and The Water Cycle

Ending Digraphs and Parts of Speech
I really liked that all of the subjects were relevant, too. These are things that I can see being utilized often instead of something that I might use once and then never re-visit. I also liked the wide variety of subject areas: spelling, writing, science, grammar, etc. They did have math posters, but in my opinion they were a little confusing and I didn't want to buy them, so I didn't. 

Other Dollar Store finds were these cute month labels, days of the month for calendar, wall calendar template, happy birthday poster, alphabet banner, United States map, and barnyard bulletin board border. I love how bright and colorful everything is, and how it all ties in together.
Overall, I spent ten dollars ($10!!) and got eight posters, a wall calendar, days of the week markers, month labels, a Happy Birthday sign, another colorful wall piece, a map of the United States, an alphabet banner, and border dividers. That's 16 things, for $10. Oh Dollar Store, you have my heart.

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