Friday, April 24, 2015

The Search for 'Teacher' Clothes

This is less of a blog post and more of a shopping list. I really need  want teacher clothes! Side note: Not a fan of the phrase 'teacher clothes', isn't there a better way? Work clothes in general is probably a better term, but oh well.

With student teaching juuuuust around the corner I'm finding my closet is lacking in the professional apparel department. I have a few things, but not the stuff that my overwhelmed mind is convinced I must. have. now. I'm so excited to get in the classroom and make a good impression, and I really want my wardrobe to reflect that both through next year and post-graduation when I'm looking for jobs.

So, I've been spending a lot of free time (that I don't have...) looking up things I wish I could buy to add to the ol' closet.

These are a few things that I love for whatever reason, and I'd love to find things similar to them.

THIS. SKIRT. I don't even like skirts, guys. But I love. this. skirt. I don't wear skirts because I much prefer jeans and boots, but for some reason I'm convinced that I need a skirt like this in my life.

This particular skirt is from Maurices and is sold for $34
Also, lately I'm finding myself wanting a blazer.
I don't like blazers with large shoulders, because I feel like I'm trying on dress up clothes. But I've been seeing a lot of really well tailored pretty colored blazers and I want one!
 Like this one, which is also from Maurices and is sold for $39.
Last, but definitely not least I love this dress! It's simple and cute and has chevron print, which may not be a thing other people like anymore- but I do!
From Lily Boutique, for $38 and out of stock right now...
What about you? What do you wear to teach/student teach/work?
Share your ideas!


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