Saturday, April 25, 2015

End Of The Week Re-Cap

Something about this week was just really good. Yes, I was stressed and busy and not everything went exactly how I wanted it to. But, if every week was just like this one... I think I'd be okay.

Monday and Tuesday were lazy days. Usually I spend Mondays working on homework before my staff meetings and then spend time with Ry when the meeting's over. This Monday was beautifullll though.So, the majority of my day was spent siting in the grass outside of the building I live in with friends for a few hours. Friends, sun, and a good book, life was good.
When Ry went off work we walked to get ice cream too, so that was nice. And thennn, after my staff meeting we spent a few hours reading (him for homework, me because The Longest Ride is a great book...) It was a good day, and this adorable snapchat just sums it all up.
Tuesday I had classes, but the highlight of my day was definitely the ice cream social our college Christian group held. The whole group played charades, which I'm not really a fan of participating in, but watching was fun. I was also able to talk to someone there that I don't usually talk too often, and that was nice.

 On Wednesday, I went to my favoriteeee local store with two of my roommates for next year. This store is everything I want my future home to be: cute clothes, old repurposed furniture, cute home d├ęcor, and bright colors. It's great. It's hard not to buy everything when I go there, not that I could.
 But, I tried on a few things and left with this cute black chiffon tank top on the left. I love that it's lightweight and flowy, plus it was $12... and then when I was getting ready to leave I found this blue North Face vest. I love North Face, and I love this vest. Blue isn't a color that I usually buy, so I'm happy I found something in a different color, too. Best part- this originally $180 vest was $24. And that makes my heart happy.
Another thing that made my heart happy was this really cute pillow! The other side has a '1' printed on it, and I'm pretty sure if it's still there when I go back that it'll have to come home with me.

I rounded out my weekday by observing a physical education class at a local elementary school for an observation write up and it was a great experience. I have a really limited memory of my own elementary PE experience, and I'm learning how great PE is as a class in a course I'm taking this term. The PE teacher I observed was a wonderful woman who's getting ready to retire, and I was able to watch and help with a special education class and a group of third graders. It was great, and it really got me thinking about considering PE teaching in the future.
After my observation I went to get coffee with one of the women from our Christian group that I don't get to talk to often. I've known her since I was a freshman, but I was shy then and didn't really reach out to talk to people. It was really nice to talk to her about a lot of topics (cat 4H-nutrition, it really was a range) and it made my day.
To top off the great day, my afternoon class was let out an hour early and I was able to call Ry before he went off to a meeting so we could go grab pizza together. He's an amazing person and any time spent with him is the best time spent.
So that's how my week went, and I'm so grateful for all of it. 



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