Monday, March 13, 2017

life goes on (& on, & on...)

This is going to be another hodgepodge post about life lately. I feel like I don't have any real 'content' to post out there in the web. So, if you're looking for deep meaningful posts about my life... I don't even know why you'd expect that. If you're looking for random pictures of food and a puppy, you've come to the right place!

I spent a good part of the weekend hanging out with my momma and Tuff the yorkiepoo. He got a haircut and then went on a walk in the (holy cow, where has it been this whole time!) sunshine. 

My parents were gone last weekend so when I went home to visit my brother made an awesome diner- pasta with chicken, mushroom cheese, broccoli, and garlic bread. He watches Gordon Ramsay videos. It pays off. 

I feel like my nail adventures are always hit or miss. I went to this place near where my parents live that had good reviews and was placed with a girl who had to have been brand new. My nails chipped worse than they ever have in life and were peeling terribly after 24 hours. I had them redone. I couldn't take it. Both colors are super pretty though. 

Do you ever see something that you didn't even know you wanted until you see it?! That's how I'm feeling lately about pineapple leggings. However, the only ones I can find are teal and pink- and I'm not a fan of the 'unrealistic' side of that. The ones on the right I love. But, they're from LuLaroe and impossible to find. So I'm sad. If you see anything  with a cute pineapple print, send it my way!

I made a spur of the moment berry crisp as a breakfast for the week and it was a great choice. 

Loft has had a great clearance sale going on lately, and I'm probably the biggest customer of that in the history of ever. This purple tank, and many other shirts they have right now, is a rayon/chiffon type fabric in the front and a cozy t-shirt fabric in the back. You can't tell looking at it, but I love it. 

Snagged this cute little necklace at Target. 

The kidlets and I are going to be planting seeds after spring break and I was SO jazzed to see this sign in the dollar spot. Up on the windowsill it went!

I joked when I got this that Ry must either love me a lot, or want me to run more. I'm actually wearing this jacket while I sit here and do nothing. Hehe. Tricked him!

I've been driving a sweet coworker home from work for a few weeks and as a thank you she got me THIS MUG. I've been in love with it for a while but couldn't bring myself to buy it, until I got it as a gift today! I've already used it. I already love it a million times more than ever. 

How was your week? 
Pineapple prints?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Life Lately

My kiddos bring the sweetest gifts. This flower was bigger than my hand and a little kiddo from my class brought it to me from her garden (and said she'd bring me more if I wanted them) Seriously one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen. Does anyone know the name of this?!

I've decided it's just never going to stop snowing ever. This is the new normal. On a slightly more positive note, I'm so thankful for the people I work with and my administration. This week my principal called me (and everyone else on staff who had a long drive) to warn us about the road conditions and of an accident that had occurred due to ice. I love these people. 

Ry and I took some time this past weekend to browse around Salem, including going to Word of Mouth. We went shopping during our two hour wait for our table! Which was still so worth it. If I could eat cinnamon roll pancakes every day of my life, I'd be a happy lady. 

Mattie got me this pineapple necklace during our Valentines Day swap and I love it to bits! It's the only part of packing for Hawaii I've already planned and I've worn it so many times already. My kiddos love it :) 

I've been participating in healthy challenge groups for work, and I've actually started running semi-occasionally again! Getting sick threw a wrench in the routine, but yesterday I ran a mile and a half and didn't die, so there's that. 

How's life lately?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Things I Bought - February Edition!

I really tried not to buy impractical things this month, but I feel like every time I went to the store I fell in love with something! I have been resisting a few things probably not for long because I'm the worst at this.  I'll throw those down at the bottom if you wanna check em' out.

I tried on this sweater at Loft a few weeks ago. I had some time to kill before a dentist appointment, and Loft usually has some cute things on their sale rack, and I just love Loft. I saw this sweater for full price - $60 for a sweater. Nahhh. 

So, I accepted that I would not be getting the sweater. Despite loving it. UNTIL - Loft had a sale. And I got this sweater for $25. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. I about died. 

So now I own this sweater, and I love it. The front is cozy and soft and wonderful (the blush color is not as bright as it looks in the picture, it's more dusty) and the back is a 'chiffon' type fabric and has a zipper detail up top. I love it. I wanted to wear it twice this week, but I didn't. 

Loft  Mixed Media Sweater - now $32.99 with code: NEWNOW

Unfortunately, this shirt is now sold out - but if it wasn't I would've bought more in every color. You can't tell in this picture, but it has a light shimmer to it which makes it more than just a plain ol' t-shirt and the fabric is slightly thicker than usual cotton shirts I feel.

And it was $5.15. So, there's that. 

I'm always looking for a good leggings shirt and I feel like this could be one of those lucky times! I chose to get this color instead of the navy/white stripe because I can never match things with navy! Navy and jeans feels too redundant and navy with black pants feels like too dark of an outfit. It's a struggle I face, I tell ya. 

This lovely little nugget of a shirt was $8.49, the sale isn't as good as it was but it's still on sale! 

Loft Striped Dolman Tee - now $10.19 with code NEWNOW

I am a fan of pretty shell shirts. I have shirt similar to this one in hot pink, white and black polkadots, white and black stripes, teal, and navy. Obviously since burgundy/raspberry  are my favorite colors I had to get one in this color as well. The sale didn't hurt, either.

Loft - Piped Mixed Media Shell - $20.99 with code NEWNOW

There are some cute boutiques in the town where I live, and one of them is owned by the sweetest little lady! She very recently had to relocate her shop and yesterday I stopped by the new location for the first time to pick up some black leggings (they feel better than LuLaroe -which I still love, just being honest - and are way cheaper) While I was browsing and snagging my black leggings I found these lovely leggings. They have a dark navy background and usually I cannot do navy like I said above. But I had to have them. They have some really pretty colors in them and match almost perfectly with the Loft sweater I attached at the top. So excited to wear this. Probably in a week or so since I literally wore this sweater on Tuesday. 

Local Boutique Leggings - 2 @ $15 ea. = $30

Ry's house is always freezing and his roommate bought slippers, which got R talking about slipper as well to keep his feet from freezing off. We looked at several stores and could not  find any slippers at all. I snagged these on Amazon and they'll be delivered to his house sometime this weekend. 

I've never met anyone who wasn't a teacher/RA who had their own mini laminator, but I love mine and use it at least once a week. However, laminator sheets are ridiculously expensive for what they are. I found this pack of 200 on Amazon for $20.89, which is a pretty good deal. I bought them ten years ago and they aren't here yet, but still- the deal will be worth it! I hope. 

Total spent this month: $128 and change, plus shipping. Not too bad!
What did you buy this month? Favorite deal?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Galentines Swap!

Apparently I'm super forgetful lately because on top of just feeling generally behind, I forgot to link up for Mattie's swap. This is even more ridiculous because Mattie was the person who sent me my swap gift. Like how does that even happen? I'm the worst. 

However, as expected Mattie's gifts were FAR from being the worst of course. I've been wanting more games for my classroom and a pineapple necklace forever, and now I have both! I haven't checked out the game with the kids yet but I plan to soon! The necklace was definitely something I wore a few times this week. It's so small and cute! 

She also sent me an Essie polish (LadyLike) Essie is my go to. I was super pumped about this because I'd just received a gel type top coat from my ipsy bag and wanted to try it out. Love. 

Mattie sent my gift using gift shipping, which is normally something I wouldn't mention (because who really cares about that small detail) But guys. Amazon must've made a mistake or something because not only did I receive like 57 gift notes from Mattie telling me that she was my swap partner, I also received a gift note from someone's grandma hoping they enjoyed the fairy figurine she was sending. 

So, random person, your grandma meant to send a note. Really. She did. 

Overall, a great swap! Even if I can remember to link up! :) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Things I Actually Bought.. January Edition

I was looking back and realized I bought a lot of things I loved in January! Below are some of my faves, a quick review of each thing, and all that jazz.

I finally ordered my first thing from LuLaRoe and I'm so so excited about it. I feel like being an elementary teacher I have the freedom to wear some crazy things, and Christmas/Valentines Day leggings are my new fave deal! I, of course, opted toward a Burgundy color. I'm still at a loss for which color shirt would look best with these though. Black? Light pink? White? 

I bought this dress from Nordstrom Rack - $26.97 in white to wear during spring break, but I"m not sure how I feel about it yet. The back has a lace-up detail that is super cool, but I just really feel like white dresses are hard to wear, ya know? We'll see. I've also thought about wearing this with a cardigan and a necklace for Valentines Day... thoughts?

I have sandals similar to this except with some glitter, sad thing is I've worn them so much that for whatever reason this little metal deal has decided to poke out of the bottom. That's all fine and dandy, you can't see it, the rest of the shoe still looks great... until you walk and a rock gets stuck in the metal thing and you almost fall to the ground with twenty-nine first and second graders in tow... not that I would know or anything. 

Thus, I decided the old shoes had to go and I needed to get some new ones - in steps (haha, good joke there) these things. I found these at Nordstrom Rack - $34.97 and they're real leather. Even cooler! Also, as of right now - no metal thing to trip me up. Definite 'pro'.

Guys. This thing is my most favorite purchase of the whole entire year. I mean it. I love the idea of using exercise balls as seats for kids, they get to wiggle but still stay in one spot -it's a win win! BUT exercise balls roll all over the place all the time and don't stay in one spot. UNTIL - in steps this bad boy. Those weird little udder/rocketship/stand deals on the bottom keep this thing in one spot. That means when little Bobberton Jones (obvs. not a real student...) walks away from the wobble chair it stays where it was left. I only bought one (so far) from Amazon - $19.98 But I swear I'll get more. Maybe next year all of my chairs will just be these. Who knows!

I caught this cardigan from Target for like $10 on clearance, now it's even cheaper but literally zero of the colors are available anywhere except in store, which is too bad because I would've gone back to buy all of them. If by some miracle these are in a store near you, grab them all and run toward the cashier asap. They're long, comfy, and from Target. Could it get any better? Only complaint I have is that I'm usually a small and while the length is great in this, the arms are a little tight when you wear any shirt with some thickness itself. Next time I'd get a medium I think. Not that there will be a next time since they're disappearing... 

I don't know why this is $45 now because I ordered it a while back from Amazon for $20, and still haven't seen it... Anyways, I ordered this so that I could diffuse essential oils. I've been looking into it for a while, many people near me do so for various reasons, and I thought it would be something cool to look into. My mom advised me to get an 'ultrasonic' diffuser. I only slightly understand what that means, but figured that since this little thing wasn't too expensive that even if I hate it I won't be too sad. Maybe I'll update when it actually gets here from the North Pole or wherever it is. 
Update: It arrived! But I'm not sure if I just received the original or the replacement they were shipping me because mine was lost in the mail... oh whale.

A bunch of raincoats were donated to my classroom and I realized that we were already at max personal belongings capacity - some of my kiddos don't even have hooks to hang their own things because there literally isn't any room for hooks! So I bought this from Amazon for $20 or so and put it in the back room of my classroom. It's worked out great so far and was SO easy to install. Literally zero tools required and I did it by myself. 

What've you purchased this month?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


A few weeks back a sweet co-worker of mine started talking to me about these healthy challenge groups she does. I wasn't super excited about it in the beginning because helloooo this girl hasn't done anything physically active since 2012. But, somehow I signed up and was assigned to a team. It was a great choice!

Every day each person can receive five points, plus extra credit, for posting in the group about a workout, healthy choice, if you've reached your water intake for the day, something you love, and a meme. It's been super fun to hear about other people's choices/lives and really holds ya accountable! The team with the most points wins a prize, and of course Janell and I are on the same team.

I was doing really great with the first three days until I got hit with this nasty flu/cold/illnessthatjustplainstinksalot on Friday. It feels super strange to be posting about health while I'm currently in bed with the flu, but ya know- life is weird sometimes. Hopefully I'll be back at it again soon and can earn some points to win this thing!

Any fun workouts to suggest for 'post sickness'?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Break Outfit Inspo

I swear, snow is in the weather forecast again but my mind is already on spring break. We booked our tickets to go to Hawaii again (which is still so weird since growing up we never took a vacation-except Disneyland once). I've been thinking about outfit ideas since we booked, which is something I haven't really thought about until a few days before, before.

Not so much the necklace (I'm a simple girl) but I love the pattern and colors of the shorts with the white. 

I swear, all of the cute floral/tropical print things have jumped ship. Don't stores know I need them now? In January? Not the summer like a normal person. 

I have a black cardigan romper (Seriously, cardigan...?) that I could dress up. I (bought) and wore it last year when we went, and with new shoes and a necklace it could be super cute. 

Love the colors and the cut. Just need to find it somewhere.